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WHO I AM was the title thrown at us by my tough Freshman English Teacher, Mr.Wreck [I made up that name because I can recall only his face.]

Mr. Wreck efficiently moved up and down the aisles, passing out lined paper for this impromptu. 

Gevalt!  “Who I am,” to be handed in and graded within the timeframe of a 45 min class. Could I do it?

My solution was to come up with a ploy… something I could riff on. I did it: “To my mother I am one person, to myself I am another.” [Brilliant!] 

A week later, he returned our papers, marked.  Across the top in his broad penmanship, Mr. Wreck had scrawled, “Excellent Writing.” Then I looked at the grade: It was “C+”Everyone else got D’s and F’s. Now, today more than half a century later, I get a second chance.

If I tell you about myself, it might help you in some way. And perhaps you will enjoy it. With each new entry, I intend Blog88 to be an evolving memoir. Whatever it is to you, Blog88 is my legacy.




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